We offer concrete raising services for sidewalks, driveways, patios, garage floors, garage aprons, and warehouse flooring. Our trained and certified technicians perform the work in a safe, clean and professional manner. We stand behind our 2 year warranty.


Trip hazards are unsafe and expose you to unnecessary liabilities. Make your home and business safe and beautiful with level sidewalks. In today’s economy, it is important to watch your bottom line and make cost-effective repairs that get results. Concrete raising and joint stabilization does just that! Less cost, less mess, more results!

Before concrete raising

After concrete raising


Driveway Concrete Raising and Stabilization

Do you notice a bump every time you pull into your garage? EcoLift can fix that! Even cracks can be leveled by mudjacking to achieve a smooth driveway.


Patio Concrete Raising and Void Filling

Your patio or your front porch can sink and pitch your home, causing water to flow towards your foundation. EcoLift can raise these areas of concrete and correctly pitch the water away from your home, keeping it out of your basement.


Garage Floor

Garage Floor Concrete Lifting

If your garage floor is cracked or uneven we can save you time and money. Mudjacking cracked slabs can restore your garage floor. Garage water problems can be a thing of the past.

If a garage floor has settled, a property owner has a few options to remedy the issue. Demolition and re-construction is only one of them. Contact EcoLift Concrete Raising and we will evaluate if mudjacking is an effective method of restoration for your garage.

Pool Decks

Pools are great to enjoy all summer long. Keep yours safe and prevent falls by correcting uneven slabs.